Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning Ideas

With spring upon us, nothing feels better than a clean home environment so that we can focus on all the fun of the upcoming months. But where do you being? Below, we provide you with spring cleaning ideas and a spring cleaning checklist to make spring cleaning a breeze.

spring cleaning checklist

Spring Cleaning List

The top to bottom approach to spring cleaning works great. The general idea is to start at the ceiling and work your way down to the floors because as you clean dust gets moved around and eventually settles on the floors. Here is a list to get you moving in the right direction;

  • Quick Pick-up, Purge & Organize (First, get everything out of the house that no longer serves you and your family. Donate or sell items you haven’t used in a year. Put remaining items in their place. Organize collections)
  • Dusting or Vacuum (Start with ceiling fans, lightbulbs, blinds, electronics, all counter top, furniture/sofa surfaces and baseboards.)
  • Wash (drapes, linens, sheets, throw rugs)
  • Wipe, Degrease, Scrub and/or Polish (all surfaces that need it, including inside the refrigerator, on walls and doors.)
  • Glass & Windows (aka Windex)
  • Bathrooms (Sanitize and Scour)
  • Refresh and clean any pet areas
  • Sweep, Vacuum, Spot Treat, Steam Clean and Mop the Floors

You may have notices you’ve stirred up a lot of dust, discovered mold in the shower, pet dander build-up or fear what was growing in the fridge. These air particles and spores can affect you and your families reparatory health. Consider calling in My Pure Air Services for your air cleaning services. They handle services from air duct cleaning in chantilly va to dryer vent cleaning in reston va.

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